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Resources for 2-Part Series: How to Create Meaningful and Impactful Donor Offers

Packaging Budget and Program into Donor Offers White Paper (PDF)

How you package your budget and program into donor offers can have a substantial impact on your ability to meaningfully offer your donor opportunities to make a difference. Remember, donors want to give back in an area that they are deeply passionate about. And they want to know that their support is making an impact. In this White Paper, you’ll receive an overview of how you can approach creating donor offers that will inspire the donor to give by properly packaging your budget and program needs.


Donor Impact Portfolio Example (XLSX)

A key aspect in creating a meaningful donor offer is having a specific opportunity with a financial need. We believe overhead should be allocated across program categories so each category incorporates its share of overhead into its budget need. The Donor Impact Portfolio is a process that should be done collaboratively with your Finance and Program teams to identify your program categories and the associated expenses. The result is specific and clear information about the need that you can present to your donors.

Session 1 Video

Watch Edie Dahlen's presentation on Donor Offers.

Homework: Prepare for Part 2

Bring Your Donor Offers: Workshopping and Group Brainstorming Activity

In preparation for part 2 of this training, please identify at least one donor offer you're needing support on. Maybe you're struggling to identify what's missing or share the financials in a compelling way. Or perhaps there's a part of the part 1 session that you want to work on and workshop with the group.We'll be spending a few minutes at the start of the training answering any questions and ensuring everyone knows how to approach the breakout sessions. Then we'll spend time in small groups workshopping, sharing ideas, and brainstorming together before coming back together to share what we've learned and implemented.

CFRE Tracker (PDF)

Download this tracker if you are counting your CFRE credits -- this program has been approved for 2.0 points. To learn more about this credential for fundraising professionals, visit

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