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Do you wish you had someone in fundraising who you could consult with when you have questions? Do you have experience in our industry that you are willing to share?

Then consider being a part of AFP Northeast Wisconsin's Mentorship program!  Each year, we look for both Mentors and Mentees to be a part of this career enriching experience and one of our most valuable benefits.

"The AFP mentorship program has created a nurturing environment for mentors and mentees. I have gained insights into effective leadership strategies and developed a deeper understanding of my own strengths and areas for growth."

- Nikki Gerhard, Mentee and Executive Director at LEAVEN on mentorship

with Mentor Tonya l. Dedering, CFRE

"The AFP Mentorship program has established a friendship that will continue. We have both learned a lot from each other. It is one of the most valuable benefits I've received through AFP."

- Linda Drezdzon, AFP Mentor



The time commitment and expectations of being a Mentor/Mentee are minimal, but what we learn from each other is invaluable. We suggest you try to meet or at least chat by phone once per quarter. Conversation topics are completely up to the Mentor/Mentee, but suggestions will be given if needed. Our expectation is that the Mentee will be in charge of scheduling the face-to-face meetings or phone conversations with the Mentor.



While the specific dates will vary each year, applications for both Mentors & Mentees will be due at the same time. The one-year mentorship match will kick off with an informal introductory meet and greet / happy hour where pairs will all meet, get a chance to know each other, and have some fun, too! This event is an enjoyable, relaxing get-to-know-you meeting that helps us make the Mentor/Mentee matches. Past participants have said this kickoff event was a highlight of their mentor program, so you don't want to miss it! 




  • Must be an AFP member

  • One-year commitment to meet with your Mentee in person or via telephone quarterly 


  • Open to all!  If you are not an AFP member, there is a $30 fee to participate in the program. However, if you decide to become an AFP member by the end of the year, we'll refund the $30!

  • One-year commitment to meet with your Mentee in person or via telephone quarterly.




The application deadline for the 2024 mentorship program is December 17, 2023.

Mentor Application

Mentee Application


Non-member Mentees: Pay the $30 non-member program fee




The 2024 Kickoff event will be held Thursday, February 8, 2024 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.!



    3950 N. Richmond St.
  Appleton, WI 54913

Cash Bar, Free Appetizers

RSVP here


If you have any questions, contact Tonya Dedering, our mentorship chair!


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