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What AFP Can Do for Organizations

AFP members understand the benefits of AFP for individual professional development, but what can AFP do for the organizations you work for? Or for organizations who are looking for new fundraising professionals?

The Green Lake Association (GLA) is an example of an organization who is looking for fundraising talent. The GLA is a non-profit, member-supported organization committed to preserving and protecting Big Green Lake, the deepest natural inland lake in Wisconsin. They actively facilitate research, conservation projects and education targeted directly at improving Green Lake’s water quality.

The GLA is looking to hire a full-time Development Manager who will have the unique opportunity to build a membership development program for the organization and lay the foundation for a future major gifts campaign. So they reached out to our chapter to post the position on our job board. By posting their job opportunity through our local chapter, their listing was marketed to more than 400 fundraising professionals.

The GLA also knows they don’t know everything there is to learn about the world of fundraising. By partnering with AFP to find a qualified candidate they are showing a commitment to hiring a professional who is committed to advancing ethical fundraising through education, networking, research and advocacy.

If you work for an organization who is looking to hire qualified fundraising professionals, contact to share your posting.

If you are looking for a new job or are interested in learning more about current opportunities, check out the job board to see what’s available in our area.

(Interested applicants for The GLA Development Manager position should email their cover letter and resume to Alison Niescier, Project Manager, at


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