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Addressing Donor Misconduct & Harassment


A study last year by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) found that nearly one quarter of women in the fundraising profession had experienced harassment, with 65 percent of them reporting that at least one of their harassers was a donor.

  • 91 percent are optimistic that their organization would support them if they personally experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Yet, of those who have experienced sexual harassment and told their organization, for the most part, generally no action (71 percent) has been taken against the perpetrator.

  • Over half are not satisfied with how their organization responded to their allegation of sexual harassment.

  • And one-third (35 percent) have even felt a negative impact on their career through raising their incidents of harassment.

This article from CFRE shares ideas for addressing donor misconduct with advice to boards and leaders.

Do not hesitate to talk to any of our AFP Northeast Wisconsin Board members if this article raises concerns about behaviors in your organization!

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