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Message from the President

I’ve long had an interest in history, and I’ve often found myself wondering what it was like for people who lived during historically significant moments. Did they see wars, or disease, or economic collapse coming? How did everyday people respond?

Now is it our turn to live through a historically significant moment and what I’m seeing from everyday people is nothing short of amazing. As nonprofit fundraisers we are seeing it all. Regardless of your organization’s mission, the needs are great. Because of your efforts, generous donors of all income levels are stepping forward to meet those needs. People are working together, and if they have nothing else to share, they are sharing kindness.

Many of us are facing personal and professional challenges that would have been unimaginable just a few weeks ago. The AFP Northeast Wisconsin Chapter is here to help you. While we can’t solve every fundraising issue, we can provide a supportive group of professional colleagues who understand the unique challenges of your role as a fundraiser in uncertain times. We are here to lift spirits, share concerns and celebrate successes.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of many free community offerings and member exclusive events AFP Northeast Wisconsin has planned in the coming weeks. The friends I have made because of my active participation in AFP have been a light during this dark time. Please join us!


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